Our Story

Where we came from and where we're going

A lifelong friendship blossomed into a partnership that has left a legacy of blessing others by providing culinary, design and creative skills to local families on the Space Coast.

The story begins with Ashley, a mommy of four little blessings who inspired the name of the bakery. She started making cakes intending to just do them for her own children the way her mother had done for her, but she quickly realized she loved creating and wanted to do more. A hobby grew into a love, then a need, and a passion.

Krista had been a home-based business owner, Marketing Director for a local non-profit, and lifelong crafty-girl who had been friends with Ashley for 10 years. For a few years, Ashley ran Little Blessings Bakery on her own out of her home, but when life circumstances created a need for help, Krista jumped right in. While it started out with Krista primarily as the “papery” side of the business as well as help with prep and clean up, it quickly grew into collaborating on projects that continuously resulted in an amazing final product. As she assisted Ashley in the bakery’s early days, she reignited her love of baking and spent many hours honing her skills by practicing new techniques – she has become the resident cake and cookie expert! It became clear that their skills (baking & designing) were meant to be combined into a unique business that they could both be passionate about.

The first year of their joint partnership was extremely exciting and they grew exponentially! Ashley’s experience with fondant cake designs & Krista’s creative abilities in buttercream and royal icing made for a wildly successful business. As Little Blessings grew, Ashley & Krista dedicated countless hours to completely custom projects for their clients and partnering with other local companies, organizations, and non-profits to be a blessing in their community.

With a new year came more life changes that demanded personal and professional reflection. Ashley & Krista saw the opportunity for changes that would allow them both to chase their dreams while better providing for their own families. Ashley made the difficult decision to follow her heart in staying home with her kiddos and Krista felt called to carry on the Little Blessings legacy they had created together.

Little Blessings Bakery & Papery is now a thriving small business continuing to create custom cakes, sweet treats and coordinating party products. We are known for our ever-growing list of specialty flavors that keep our customers, new and old, raving and coming back for more. Led by our owner, Krista, we serve the Melbourne, Florida area with shipping options available on select items for customers who can’t make the trip just for the sweets (even though they’re totally worth it).

Custom cookies & sweet treats on the Space Coast
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