We believe that everyone deserves to enjoy tasty treats and we understand that allergies can be a concern with baked goods.

So, where allergies are a concern, we like to be super up front with the fact that while we do bake in a kitchen which has some of the top allergens, we do take the following precautions in addition to our existing cleaning and sanitizing procedure. Upon request, we are able to accommodate those with sensitivities or allergies to dairy, nuts, or gluten. Let us know if this is enough to keep you comfortable:

  1. We only use allergen free ingredients
  2. We bake at a separate time from items containing the allergen
  3. We clean and sanitize all of our equipment between allergen containing and allergen free products
  4. Once baked, your items will go in a separate sealed container until pickup

Everything I have tried from Little Blessings has been wonderfully yummy 🙂 Their sugar cookies will hook you in and their cakes will keep you coming back for more. They even custom made a gluten free cake in the past for my mother-in-law who can't have gluten. The service is excellent every time. Worth it!

Marjorie N.

Love their gluten free confetti cake with buttercream frosting! I have Celiac's and while they aren't a dedicated gluten free facility, I had no issues (pretty darn sensitive)! Thank y'all so much for such yummy treats on such a special occasion!

Sarah T.
Custom cookies & sweet treats on the Space Coast
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